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Squat rackMake your own Squat Rack

It can double as a bench press rack, too.


If you need a squat rack, by far the fastest and least expensive way to make one is simply to sink 2 4x4's in the ground, anchored with concrete, and bolt 2 L-brackets (bent upwards to 35 degrees) to them. You can add a second set of brackets lower so it can double as a rack for bench presses (just add a sturdy bench, which is also easy to make).

And if you make it tall enough (get 8 to 10 ft posts) and make it sturdy, you can also use it for chin-ups.  Essentially, these two posts, 6 l-brackets and 2 metal bars can be a bench press, squat rack and chin-up bar to do chest, back and legs. The only downside is, it's outside.

Indoor version of the squat rack

You could make an indoor version but it would take up a fair amount of space and require a different base. For indoor use a box rack system like this one (see the box at right), but made of 4 x 4's world work. The commercial racks cost between $300 and $600 (and up).  A homemade indoor version, made of 4x4's L-brackets and bolts would likely cost less than $100


Here are the simple steps to make an outdoor squat rack

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Materials and Equipment


  1. Dig the post holes
  2. Mix the concrete and level the 4x4's
  3. Bend the brackets
  4. Attach the first bracket
  5. Determine level and attach the second bracketPlate holder and brace
  6. Cut grooves / channel for chin-up bar on top of each 4x4.
  7. Bolt down chin-up bar
  8. Make back support braces and weight holders (optional)