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Make your own Dumbbells

Dumbbells - finishedIt looks like every store, online and off, in America sold out of dumbbells and other home fitness equipment within a few days of the pandemic lockdown.  So, if you want to stay in shape, you need to make your own.  It's actually easy and inexpensive. You can make any weight you want from 2 lbs to 100 lbs. Although admittedly, above 75 lbs you might need to use metal pipe instead of pvc.


Here are the simple steps to make dumbbells

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Materials and Equipment



  1. Get things organized and ready
  2. Cut the pvc pipe Schematic of the dumbbells
  3. Drill the pipe and  insert bolts
  4. Check the fit of the pipe and bolts in the mold
  5. Mix the concrete.
  6. Fill the molds (buckets)
  7. Weight each end
  8. Insert the one pvc pipe piece into each cement bucket
  9. Allow to cure
  10. Cut the 1" pvc pipe to fit
  11. Cement the two halves together
  12. Paint the concrete with driveway paint or epoxy