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Diet and Foods for a Healthy Lifestyle

The FDA, the mass media, the medical community and the hundreds of authors of diet books have done a great job of creating a confusing array of conflicting "facts" and recommendations for a healthy diet. Depending upon who you listen to, eggs will either clog your arteries or they're a wonderful source of protein.  Caffeine in coffee is bad for you, but decaffeinated contains chlorinated compounds. Butter is bad for you heart, but margarine is... bad for you heart, but in a different way. Sugars are evil, so lose weight by eating lard.  Of course, you'll drop from a heart attack later.

What to believe?

Surprisingly, there is a thread of common sense and science that provides a pretty clear answer to most of the debates.  We can thank the media for clouding the issues by reporting only part of the story, or by exaggerating minor risk and portraying them in the same weight as serious concerns.

We will attempt to present simple, clear recommendations, with explanation of the underlying reasons, and citations and links to the reputable sources themselves.

Where there is simply not enough information available to make a clear choice, we will point that out.  And as much as people want to believe in the tooth fairy, we will not present fads and unsubstantiated claims as fact.


Nutrition and Physical Activity

Resources coming soon:

  • How much should you eat?

  • What should you eat?

    • Types of food

    • Balance of types

    • Do you need a diet plan?

    • DASH Eating Plan (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, NIH, HHS)
    • Fad diets

  • How to shop for food

    • Fresh, Frozen, Canned, or Dried?

    • Reading the labels

    • What are "organic" and "natural" foods

    • Really fresh
      • grown your own

      • pick your own

  • Where to shop

  • How to store foods

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